Are you hungry or just procrastinating?

ARE you so famished that you have no option but to force salt-and-vinegar McCoys down your face, or just avoiding work? Find out: 

You’ve just had breakfast and switched your laptop on. Do you: 

A) Check emails, look at your priorities for the week, make a to-do list and crack on
B) Realise you can’t give 110 per cent without another slice of toast

A project you abandoned on Friday afternoon needs to be finished by 11am. Do you: 

A) Pick up straight away, checking figures and redrafting so it’s done on time
B) Remember you only put it down for a brief biscuit break and never had the biscuits, so address this oversight immediately

You’ve almost finished the project with minutes to go before the deadline. Do you: 

A) Finish with a flourish and send the attachment round
B) Break for elevenses

Your boss emails for a quick catch-up. Do you: 

A) Deal with it straight away, then you’ve cleared your desk before lunch
B) Given that it’s 11.20am it practically is lunch, which she should know, so ignore the email and make a ham sandwich to pick at listlessly because you’re not really hungry

It’s the afternoon team meeting on Zoom. Do you: 

A) Position your ring light, adjust your laptop’s height and present a polished, professional image
B) Turn off the camera, mute the microphone and eat beans on toast throughout

Shit, you forgot about the presentation for tomorrow. Do you: 

A) Do it now
B) Make a full roast dinner and a trifle


MOSTLY As: You’re so dedicated and efficient you sometimes forget lunch. All to no avail, because the lardy bastards you work with are so sluggish it takes a day to answer your emails.

MOSTLY Bs: You are essentially paid to stuff your face. But nobody gives a shit, it’s just work.

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