Confused ITV Corrie fans complain over Toyah and Imran car wreckage scenes as they think they’ve missed something major

Coronation Street fans were left scratching their heads over the final scenes in Tuesday night’s episode as Imran and Toyah were seen lying unconscious in the wreckage of their car (May 31). In what promised to be a dramatic week on the famous cobbles the latest instalment ended with the newlyweds lying injured in the vehicle that had crashed into a building surrounded by scaffolding.

The credits rolled as scaffolding began to fall on the car with the pair trapped inside. But viewers were confused as moments earlier they had seen Mr and Mrs Habeeb together at the police station as Imran raced to stop her reporting Abi Webster to the police for planning to snatch their son Alfie.

The trio have been embroiled in a nasty custody battle over Alfie, who was born in March after Abi had a one-night-stand with solicitor Imran at the end of the trial over the murder of her son Seb Franklin. After Imran and his new bride Toyah were granted custody of Alfie the devastated mum planned to flee to Costa Rica with the baby.

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When Imran found Alfie’s fake passport Corrie fans thought Abi’s dreams of being with her son were finished. But Imran was shamed by his former foster daughter Kelly Neelan into realising he had to tell the truth and come clean about framing Abi in court to make it appear that she was still using drugs.

The scene cut from Imran and Toyah leaving the police station to her sister Leanne and partner Nick Tilsley anxiously waiting with Alfie. The drama then returned to the Habeebs in the aftermath of a car smash, and viewers flocked to Twitter to voice their confusion at not seeing what had happened.

Toyah in the wreckage

@vanitylovess tweeted: “I’m so confused.” @CallumKeith1999 asked: “#Corrie Uhhh… no car crash stunt? That’s very anticlimactic.” @dav_ram puzzled: “Eh? WTF.” @DionPetrie complained: “I wanted to see the crash.”

@ADADAPPADAN asked: “Huh?!? Talk about cheap! They didn’t even show us the accident!” @I_am_KenBarlow asked: “#Corrie So we didn’t even see the crash?” @AntMelia94 wondered: “Was there no budget for the crash?!”

@qu1ncey tweeted: “#Corrie what? Did I blink and miss something?” @CHG3899 pondered: “Hmm. Wonder why they didn’t show the crash? Maybe they will later in the week.” And @moore95_pamela exclaimed: “What!!! How the blazes did that crash happen?”

In a change to usual transmission times the soap is airing half an hour episodes this week from Monday to Friday at 7.30pm, as we follow the shocking consequences of the fight for the custody of baby Alfie. This dramatic week of episodes started with a flashforward of Imran leaving a chilling message for Toyah in which he revealed everything.

Questions start to be asked about how the crash happened. And Abi and Kevin find themselves under suspicion from the police.

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