Freddie Flintoff ‘walks off’ ITV This Morning after making him look ‘clueless’ next to Holly Willoughby

Freddie Flintoff was unimpressed with This Morning as he appeared on the show on Tuesday (May 31). The former cricketer appeared on the ITV daytime programme alongside Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris.

The presenting trio were live in the studio to chat to hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary about the new series of Top Gear. The news series of the BBC One show begins on Sunday, June 5, amid the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Kicking off their interview, Alison asked: “Paddy, what have we got to look forward to? This is the 32nd series. I can’t believe it has been going on for so long, what can we look forward to? Obviously, there is this big Florida trip.”

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Paddy replied “Yeah, that’s on this Sunday. Obviously, with Covid and everything else, we had been limited to what we can do, so this time we have let the reins off. We have gone out into the big wide world again, and we did an RV trip across the states, the three of us together, and we had such a good time.”

But Paddy had a particularly funny incident when they were planning to drive around in American police cars. “They said come up with an alter ego of your perfect cop,” he began to explain. “We could pick the car too, and my detective was called Dirty Cobra because growing up, I used to love Dirty Harry, and I loved the film Cobra.”

The Bolton-born TV star went on: “So it was going to be Dirty Harry and Lethal Weapon so Dirty Weapon, the BBC were like, ‘We’re not having that’, so I said we will have Dirty Cobra, and then they let us have it.” Freddie then chimed in: “He got into character, toothpick and everything, I was the Preston Ranger.”

Freddie with Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris on This Morning

But Alison and Dermot couldn’t let them go without asking Freddie about his recent stint hosting alongside This Morning’s very own Holly Willoughby. The pair teamed up for ITV show The Games earlier this month which saw five nights of live sporting action on the channel from a group of celebrities.

Twelve famous faces, including Corrie’s Colson Smith, The Wanted’s Max George, and Paddy’s wife Christine McGuinness take on a string of Olympic events after training for months beforehand.

Freddie and Holly hosting ITV’s The Games

As Alison and Dermot asked Freddie about it, he said: “It was good wasn’t it? She [Holly] looked after me, didn’t she, with me on live tele.” Alison replied: “You looked so good together though! I love how you kept matching your outfits. Look at you together, you look so good.”

A clip then appeared on screen of Holly and Freddie in action at the London Aquatics Centre. However, Freddie was seen in silence, sitting looking at Holly and the camera without much of an expression on his face.

The hosts and Freddie’s co-stars found it hilarious

As the guests could be heard laughing, Freddie complained with a laugh: “I just look clueless! Thanks for that, bloody hell.” Paddy then joked: “He’s won the competition to host the show with Holly Willoughby.” Freddie then replied: “Dermot will be doing series two.” He then stood up and joked: “I’m off. I look like a meerkat asking how did I get here.”

Freddie then pretended to walk off from the famous sofa before returning to finish their chat. Alison then commented: “We should have got a better clip.”

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