Graham Norton shares backstage celebrations meeting Sam Ryder after Eurovision triumph as fans make plea for next year’s contest

Graham Norton has shared the moment he met a delighted Sam Ryder backstage after his Eurovision triumph. The UK’s Eurovision Song contest host tweeted a video of the celebrations in Turin, Italy, as a jubilant Sam entered the room after coming in second place after Ukraine on Saturday night.

After a celebratory rendition of the Fratellis song Chelsea Dagger Sam walked towards Graham for a hug. And Graham told the UK’s singer as they shared an embrace: “I’m so, so happy for you.”

He told TikTok sensation Sam: “You are a miracle. You are the saviour of Eurovision.” And the down-to-earth Space Man singer laughed before hugging Graham again.

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The offical BBC Eurovision Twitter posted the video with the words: “No words, just #teamSPACEMAN pure joy backstage after #Eurovision.” They said about Graham meeting Sam: “After the show … two Eurovision legends meet.” And broadcaster Graham spoke for many of us when he said the moment felt like a dream today.

“No hugs, no words can convey what I (we all) feel about this powerhouse of a man!” he said as he shared the clip. “Might watch it on iplayer to make sure it wasn’t a dream.”

Ukraine won a massive 439 points in the public vote to claim the title. Rap band Kalush Orchestra topped the leaderboard with 631 points followed by the UK with 466 for Sam’s belter of a performance. “It’s our highest position in 20 years and all thanks to Sam Ryder,” Graham told excited viewers. “He’s the saviour of Eurovision. Three cheers for Sam Ryder.”

Praise also came pouring in for Graham’s commentary. @ChrisE_1983 said: “Your commentary was outstanding (as usual)!” @charliegwen told him: “You’re the highlight of a wild ride, Graham. In between the crazy moments and the sarcasm your cheerleading for our act is always lovely. Sam seems like a lovely guy and deserves all the praise. And @lizzychew said: “Your commentary was fabulous too, it was so gorgeous hearing your excitement building just as ours was at home! Still unreal!”

Fans are now pleading for the UK to enter Sam again next year. BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker said: “Let’s all hope that #Ukraine is able to host #Eurovision next year… and we can send @SamRyderMusic again.”

@Mr_Roberts1987 tweeted: “Let Sam Ryder enter another song next year.” @J_A_C_Student asked: “Can we enter Sam Ryder again next year? after all this time, I’m half convinced he’s the only person in the UK that has the potential to win.”

@StewForsyth said:n “We should give Sam Ryder another shot next year, he’s had a great time.” @Jason_Keen asked: “Eurovision: Has anyone started a campaign yet to let @SamRyderMusic have another go next year?”

@RoyalBearC wondered: “Can we get Sam Ryder back again for next year please?” And @GlynWise asked: “Can we please send Sam Ryder to represent the UK again next year please!”

@JaneHillNews said: “Did last night really happen?! #Eurovision #SamRyder And wouldn’t it be wonderful, and emotional, if #Ukraine really could host next year’s competition.”

And @nazirafzal wrote: “There was something so life affirming in Ukraine winning the popular vote & something so heartening that @SamRyderMusic took the U.K. to runners up. I dearly hope that next year the contest can be in a safe, secure & peaceful Kyiv.”

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