Is Pikipek Shiny? Spotlight Hour rewards explained

The final Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour for May 2022 is Pikipek and some fans are unsure if it can be Shiny.

This is the last occasion for Niantic’s game in May but there’s lots to anticipate for June. This includes the Season of Go which kicks off on June 1st, and there’s also the annual Go Fest celebration.

While the above are both exciting, make sure to participate in today’s final SH for May.

Pokémon GO | Season of Alola Trailer



Pokémon GO | Season of Alola Trailer





Can Pikipek be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Pikipek cannot be Shiny during the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour event.

The event starts on May 31st at 18:00 local time and ends at 19:00 local time. The creature is a Normal and Flying-type pocket monster with equal weakness to Electric, Rock, and Ice attacks.

It also evolves into Trumbeak which evolves into Toucannon. 25 Candy is needed to evolve into Trumbeak and a further 100 is needed for the final evolution.

Spotlight Hour rewards

The reward for the Pokemon Go Pikipek Spotlight Hour is 2× Catch XP.

This is the last SH for May 2022 and below is everything scheduled for June:

  • Nosepass (S) – 7th
  • Mantine (S) – 14th
  • Spinarak (S) – 21st
  • Unannounced – 28th

All of the above for June comes courtesy of Leekduck.

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