ITV Beat the Chasers’ Paul Sinah addresses confusion over ‘brutal’ Dirty Dancing question

Beat the Chasers returned to screens on Monday night and there has already been mass confusion and outrage over one question which seemingly received the right answer. So, as a result, Paul Sinha has spoken out – calling it ‘brutal’.

The chaser, best known to fans as the ‘The Sinnerman’, was back alongside Shaun ‘The Dark Destroyer’ Wallace, Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis, Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan and Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett for the new, primetime spin-off of hit ITV quiz show, The Chase.

They were also joined by Issa Schultz, aka The Supernerd, who will be on throughout the series as a new Chaser. He is regular on The Chase Australia and has stepped in for Anne Hegerty after she contracted Covid before filming started.

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But during the latest instalment, The Chasers went up against contestant Steven, who managed to walk away with an incredible £25,000 after opting to go up against three chasers in a time of 42 seconds.

But in one moment, host Bradley Walsh asked: “What Patrick Swayze film became a West End musical…” to which Paul answered with: “Dirty Dancing,” which many confidently thought was right. However, Bradley, 61, revealed that it was wrong and the correct answer was in fact Ghost, leaving the Chasers visibly shocked and viewers at home completely confused.

@helenruthfisher tweeted: “Dirty Dancing is definitely a musical though? #BeatTheChasers.” @Josneat said: “Glad he won but the Patrick Swayze question was really unfair as I’ve seen dirty dancing in the theatre. #BeatTheChasers.”

The Beat the Chasers line up

@RockRed22 wrote: “Bit of a naughty question….Dirty Dancing was also a West End show #BeatTheChasers.” @Claire87Watson shared: “The musical question on #BeatTheChasers was that right? Surely Dirty Dancing was the answer? Confused.”

@Mary67466019 argued: “Was the Patrick Swayze Question Misleading? Chasers looked stunned after answering Dirty Dancing to the question, What Patrick Swayze film became a West End Musical.?Bradley said Ghost. Either were correct. There was nothing in the question specific to Ghost. #beatthechasers.”

Paul, however, was quick to clear up the confusion as he tweeted after the show. He said: “That was episode 1. When we’re chasing the game, mistakes are made. But that Dirty Dancing/Ghost call was brutal. Just to clarify, the swayze q hadnt finished.”

But one fan replied: “That’s what I thought! Patrick Swayze was the male lead in both films and Dirty Dancing is a musical in the West End – I don’t understand!?” to which The Sinnerman went on to clarify: “There was going to be a year in the second part of the question.”

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