ITV Britain’s Got Talent fans agree with Amanda Holden as she finds fault with escapology act

Escapologist Andrew Basso faced his fears in a terrifying race against the clock on the second Britain’s Got Talent semi-final show. The Italian dare devil attempted an underwater escape from a narrow tank while restrained by the arms and chained by the neck with hardly anywhere to move.

He explained to the judges Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, David Walliams and Simon Cowell that a padlock combination had been set and was only known by hosts Ant and Dec. “This may be too scary to watch so we will face fear together,” he said.

As fans of the ITV talent contest watched him submerged under water, a voiceover explained: “There is one element to add that changes everything and that is complete darkness.” The water then filled up with a black inky substance so that occasionally only his hands could be seen pressed against the glass.

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After around two minutes and 30 seconds he was winched from the water after ringing a bell to alert his team, and he reappeared freed from his restraints. But judges were unimpressed that they couldn’t see him for a while, with David joking that he ‘could have been having a sandwich.’

“It was very impressive but obviousy we couldn’t see what you were doing for a bit of it so we didn’t know if you were just having a sandwich or reading a book,” he said.” But it was very daring and we think you’re wonderful.”

Alesha told him: “In a way when it went black I could relax a little bit more because I couldn’t see you, so it wasnt as intense.” And she added: “But my goodness you are fantastic at what you do and I can’t imagine how much work has gone into this.”

And Amanda was booed by members of the studio audience as she complained: “Well there is a lot of work and this dangerous but I have to say that you left me disappointed this evening. I feel that you’re first audition we were on the edge of our seats.

“I felt it was much more intense and this evening because of the darkness and because of everything else we were just sort of left wondering if there was less danger and more deceit going on in that tank.”

The tank filled with ink

Her words stunned show boss Simon Cowell, who asked: “Deceit? Like what?.” He then bizarrely suggested for a future act strapping meat around the escapologist and bringing in piranha fish.

Viewers watching at home flocked to agree with Amanda’s opinion on the blackout. @DanielDm27 tweeted: “I’m gonna be honest I was disappointed in his escape act tonight. @AmandaHolden is absolutely right.” @CourierBoyUK also agreed: “I know what Amanda means, may well be v dangerous but was boring to watch.”

@Scotthopper1 said: “Agree with Amanda, once we couldnt see, kinda made it pointless sat there twiddling my thumbs watching a clock.” @PastelUnicorn5 tweeted: “I agree with Amanda on that. It would have been better if we could see him and what he was doing.”

@Paul_Berney said: “I totally agreed with @AmandaHolden on this. She nailed it. All the build up, all the set up. Then we got to see nothing. Would have loved to see the escape.” @CoralMckeown wrote: “The ink ruined it for me.” And @ballumshouse said: “I kind of know where Amanda and David are coming from. Like, we were just left to look at a box and a timer.”

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