Prince Harry has ‘hands tied’ as he faces difficulties with memoir

Prince Harry is said to be under contract to share some salacious revelations in his memoir which is set for release later this year.

The Duke of Sussex is reportedly under great stress to produce a saleable book with contents that the royals would also approve of. He has said that it will contain a “firsthand account” of his life “that’s accurate and wholly truthful.”

As such, he wants to have a copy or draft of his memoir sent to his family in the U.K. so he can get their reaction. Royal commentator Neil Sean added that it would also serve as a “pre-warning” of what the royal has come up with for his book.

“The problem really is that obviously, he wants to try and cement a relationship back with his family and in particular, Prince Charles and Camilla, who we know that he has written about. Then obviously the kindest thing to do would be to submit a draft copy. Not even a draft copy but even just like a semi-finished book,” Sean said in his YouTube vlog.