Smite Nickelodeon Mid-Season Patch Notes & 9.7 Update

The mighty Smite Nickelodeon crossover event is scheduled to launch later this month, with full 9.7 patch notes going live today.

The notes confirm that a host of new skins are coming to the game later this month as Smite gears up for one of its biggest crossovers ever.

This includes adding ten new skins to the game when the Nickelodeon invasion begins on July 12 across all platforms. Here’s more on what was revealed today as part of the new Smite patch notes drop.

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Smite Mid-Season Patch Notes Revealed

The Smite Nickelodeon Mid-Season Update is scheduled to go live on July 12, and will bring with it a number of large changes for fans looking to unlock new skins and God designs.

The patch notes confirm that these items and activities will be part of the new 9.7 update: The Nickelodeon Event, The Zodiac Battle Pass, and The New Glyphs & Earring Item Tree. This Mid-Season launch will be followed by two more bonus updates, which will be smaller in size but still contain interesting content.

New players will also be getting a surprise with the new update, as Smite will be adding these Gods to the free list: Bacchus, Chaac, Izanami, Poseidon, and Thanatos.

Titan Forge Games released this statement soon after confirming the new content coming to the game, telling fans: “This is our first crossover that includes characters from multiple completely different shows, which presented an interesting challenge to the team. For example: how do you turn a feisty musket-toting Tanuki (Danzaburou) into a shirt-wearing, tv-watching Wallaby (Rocko)? By turning the musket into a remote control, of course! We wanted to design every character in a way that did their Nickelodeon origins justice.”

And for anyone who wants an early look at next week’s 9.7 update, you can read through the Smite Mid-Season Patch Notes below:

Smite Mid-Season Patch Notes

  • Format
    • There will be 4 direct purchasable Nickelodeon Skins
    • Purchase all 4 Nickelodeon Skins to unlock the Danny Phantom Janus Skin!
    • Complete quests to receive “Flips” to use on the Nickelodeon Cosmetic Grid! Flip a square on the Nickelodeon Cosmetic Grid of your choosing and uncover a random Nickelodeon Cosmetic Item!

Smite Nickelodeon Skins:

  • Freya XJ9
  • Gilgamesh Powdered Toastman
  • Cupid Invader Zim
  • Danzaburou Rocko
  • Janus Danny Phantom

Cosmetics: (Quest for Flip and then Flip Squares on the Cosmetic Grid)

  • Announcer Pack Danny Phantom
  • Announcer Pack Invader Zim
  • Announcer Pack Rocko
  • Announcer Pack Powdered Toastman
  • Avatar Invader Zim
  • Avatar Rocko
  • Avatar XJ9
  • Global Emote SMASHING!
  • Jump Stamp GIR
  • Loading Screen Nickelodeon
  • Loading Screen The Fenton Works Lab

Smite Nickelodeon Zodiac Council Battle Pass

  • Battle Pass: Zodiac Council  (600 gems)
  • Battle Pass: Zodiac Council Plus  (1200 gems)
  • Paid Track Items:
  • Nemesis The Scales
  • Eset the Maiden
  • Charybdis The Crab
  • Cutesy Avatar The Crab
  • Loading Frame Zodiac Council
  • Loading Screen Star Signs
  • Announcer Pack The Crab
  • Recall Skin Zodiac
  • Ward Skin The Zodiac Crab
  • Jump Stamp Star Signs
  • Loading Screen Zodiac Council
  • Level Up Skin The Zodiac
  • Global Emote Star Signs
  • Heimdallr The Lion
  • Avatar The Maiden
  • Death Stamp Zodiac Wheel
  • Avatar The Scales
  • Music Theme Zodiac Council
  • Player Title Astroguide


  • SMITE Night
    • Week 1 – Jade Corruption Joust
    • Week 2 – Classic Conquest
    • Week 3 – Corrupted Arena
    • Week 4 – Classic Conquest
    • Week 5 – Classic Joust
    • Week 6 – 5V5 Conquest
    • Rewards:
      • Week 1:
        • Entertained Yet EMOTE
        • 3 day Account Booster
      • Week 2:
        • Pick Your Own God Chest
        • SMITE NIGHT Avatar Chest
      • Week 3:
        • SMITE NIGHT Emote Chest
        • SMITE NIGHT Cosmetic Chest
      • Week 4:
        • Heavenly Light Chest
        • SMITE NIGHT Voice Pack Chest
      • Week 5:
        • Pick your Own God Chest
        • SMITE NIGHT Avatar Chest
      • Week 6:
        • SMITE NIGHT Voice Pack Chest
        • 3 day Account Booster
      • Milestone:
        • Season 9 Caster Announcer Pack
        • SMITE NIGHT Skins Chest


New Free Gods

  • The following Gods are now free to new players:
    • Bacchus
    • Chaac
    • Izanami
    • Poseidon
    • Thanatos
  • The following Gods will no longer be granted to new players. Players who joined prior to Update 9.7 will keep these Gods:
  • The new Free God lineup is now:
    • Bacchus
    • Bellona
    • Chaac
    • Izanami
    • Kukulkan
    • Neith
    • Olorun
    • Nemesis
    • Poseidon
    • Thanatos
    • Yemoja
    • Ymir

Smite Nickelodeon Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Yu Huang was missing in the Pick Your Own God Chest
  • Fixed an issue where Clan Avatars were displaying blank art icons in the Clan Loadout
  • General Gameplay
    • Conquest
      • Primal Fury
        • Fixed an issue where Primal Fury was dealing more damage than intended
      • Speed Buff
        • Fixed an issue where the Chief Centaur’s special attack was scaling incorrectly and doing more damage than intended
      • Obelisk offerings
        • Fixed an issue where offerings were giving more mana than intended 
        • Fixed an issue where the Spirit minion could be crowd controlled out of the mist and become immune
    • Corrupted Arena
      • Fixed an issue where this map had the Season 8 item store instead of the current item store
    • Jungle Practice
      • Fixed an issue where killing the Fire Giant gave two buffs to Gods instead of one
      • Fixed an issue with the Green buff pad icon displaying as the Red buff icon
      • Fixed an issue with the Green Buff not dropping when the camp was killed and not having a leash radius
    • Slash
      • Fixed an issue where disconnecting from the match while going through a Juggernaut portal caused visibility issues when the player reconnected
    • Auto Buy
      • Fixed an issue where Auto Buy wasn’t purchasing Rangda’s and Lono’s Mask
      • Fixed an issue where Auto Buy wasn’t purchasing Bancroft’s Talon
  • Lancelot
    • Fixed an issue where stuns weren’t knocking him off his mount
    • Fixed an issue where he was targetable during Freya banish while unmounted
    • Fixed an issue where Pridwen’s shield explosion wasn’t proccing after his ultimate ability 
    • Fixed an issue where Nox couldn’t exit shadow form while he was mounted
    • Fixed an issue where his model would glitch when being pushed or pulled by certain Gods 
    • Fixed the description of his Mount Up ability missing a word in the last sentence 
  • Skadi
    • Fixed an issue where Kaldr could become untargetable if toggled off at specific times (Fixed in Bonus Patch 6/28/22)
  • Shiva
    • Fixed an issue where getting displaced by Gilgamesh would cause display and performance issues
  • The Morrigan
    • Fixed an issue where transforming while traveling through a Juggernaut portal caused visibility issues to enemy Gods in Slash
  • Set
    • Fixed an issue with his intro animation and weapon when jumping
  • Rama
    • Fixed an issue with his Honorable Hero skin using the Sacred Arrow skin’s voice pack
  • Cabrakan
    • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the air if knocked up onto his Tectonic Shift walls
  • Items
    • Magi’s Cloak and Spirit Robe
      • Fixed an issue where these items could be sold multiple times (Fixed in Bonus Patch 6/28/22)


Smite Nickelodeon Game Modes

  • General
  • We have seen the Brawling mechanic create more interactive gameplay when it comes to lifesteal and out of combat healing. One thing we did not like was that with anti-heal items like Divine Ruin, a player could still be anti-healed by their opponent and receive the debuff from not Brawling. We are changing the amount of time it takes for you to not be considered Brawling and the duration of the anti-heal items to match, so that a player should only be debuffed by one or the other. This will also increase the amount of healing from certain god abilities that remove the user from combat, like Sun Wukong’s Ultimate.
    • Brawling
      • Time until Brawling applies out of God combat increased from 3s to 5s
  • Conquest
  • Supports spend so much time thinking about their teammates, we wanted to think of them a bit in 9.7! We are seeing Supports fall behind in experience a little too much in Conquest, particularly at a higher level of play. The increased Shared XP Bonus will help Support mains at all skill levels, and the increased XP from Mid Harpies will help the Supports (and Mids) that are on time for the contestable farm.
    • Lowest Level Shared XP Bonus 
      • Increase from 1.35 to 1.4 
    • Mid Harpies
      • Mid Elder Harpy
        • Increased base XP Reward from 28 to 34
      • Mid Small Harpy
        • Increased base XP Reward from 16 to 18

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