Stranger Things’ fans will “never look at a grandfather clock the same again”

Netflix exclusively released volume one of Stranger Things‘ much-anticipated season four on 27 May and fans have been shuddering at the ticking sound of a grandfather clock ever since.

The first seven episodes are filled with twists and new characters along with a creepy clock from the Creel House that appears to Vecna’s victims before they die.

Explore the meaning behind the strange clock that has been haunting viewers since its scary feature in the science fiction drama series. Many people claim that they will “never look at a grandfather clock the same again”.

Spoiler Warning – The following content gives away a major plotline for Stranger Things Season Four.

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Stranger Things’ creepy grandfather clock

The grandfather clock was first teased to Stranger Things fans back in 2020 and the latest series finally sheds light on its relevence.

Season four’s villain, Vecna, is a humanoid, dark wizard who goes after his victims psychologically and then with visions, before finally bringing them into his realm. He begins by providing them with a vision of a grandfather clock, essentially letting them know they have less than a day left to live.

Screen Rant states that there are a handful of meanings behind the grandfather clock appearing to Vecna’s victims in Stranger Things. The time element falls in line with Henry Creel’s obsession with world order.

Volume one shows the grandfather clock inside the Creel House and it even cracks in the teaser trailers.

In the real world, it is reportedly believed that a grandfather clock appearing in someone’s dreams signifies a person’s past catching up to them.

Theories surrounding the grandfather clock continue to circulate on social media. Viewers hope to learn about the full extent of Vecna’s motivations and more about the significance of the clock in the upcoming release of series four’s volume two.

Fans are left with haunting nightmares

After showing up in Vecna’s victim’s visions, the grandfather clock has been keeping fans awake at night and living in their nightmares as they fret the haunting sound.

A user named @Quint22Si tweeted:

“I will never look at a grandfather clock the same again. The sound alone creeps me out.”

Another user (@PeteBest_) joked about the declining industry of grandfather clocks, suggesting that it was “already in shambles and then Stranger Things 4 comes out of nowhere with a haymaker.”

Stranger Things‘ official Twitter account even tweeted that they fear, after reading Vecna-related tweets, this will be the “reason a grandfather clock shows up” in their room.

@sadasscatsdiddy shared a funny meme in reference to the creepy clock ticking noise:

Volume two release date

Stranger Things season four, part one, is now streaming on Netflix and is made up of seven episodes.

Watch the gang hopefully vanquish the great evil in the upcoming release of volume two.

Part two will only offer audiences another two instalments. Episodes eight and nine will exclusively premiere via Netflix on Friday, 1 July 2022 and the season finale is confirmed to run in at 150 minutes.

Stranger Things 4 | Volume 1 Final Trailer | Netflix



Stranger Things 4 | Volume 1 Final Trailer | Netflix





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