US orders non-emergency staff to leave Shanghai consulate

The US State Department has asked non-emergency US government workers to leave the consulate in Shanghai as the city continues to see a surge in Covid-19 cases.

This is an update on last week’s order, wherein the department had said that the non-emergency employees could leave on a voluntary basis. The departure has now been made mandatory by the state department.

“Our change in posture reflects our assessment that it is best for our employees and their families to be reduced in number and our operations to be scaled down as we deal with the changing circumstances on the ground,” read the order.

A series of advisories has also been issued for American citizens in the city wherein the US government has asked people to ensure they have a “sufficient supply of money, medication, food…in the event of sudden restrictions or quarantine.”

China’s “zero-COVID” strategy to control the spread of coronavirus has confined many residents of the city to their homes.