Where Is Xur? Destiny 2 Location Today (July 8)

Where is Xur? The merchant will be back in Destiny 2 today and fans will want to know exactly what exotics will be up for grabs.

Another big factor will be the kind of rolls on offer for the gear being offered by the Agent of the Nine this week.

The good news is that we will have all the relevant information as soon as Guardians track down which planet he has landed on for July 8 until the weekly reset.

Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted | Duality Dungeon Trailer



Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted | Duality Dungeon Trailer





Where Is Xur In Destiny 2 Today?

Destiny 2 Guardians will be hunting down Xur today on one of the few worlds he can appear on – with the list currently including Nessus, The Tower, and The EDZ. But for those eager players already hoping to hunt Xur down, he won’t be back on live servers until 6pm BST, on Friday, July 8, 2022. This means waiting until 10am PDT before searching for the exotics merchant in North America.

Xur will be loading back into the game boasting a number of new and familiar exotics, with some Legendary gear thrown into the mix too. It’s unclear how good the rolls will be, so it’s always worth checking before he disappears again.

Last week, Xur was selling the Lord of Wolves Energy Shotgun, Hawkmoon Kinetic Hand Cannon, The Dead Man’s Tale Kinetic Scout Rifle, The Celestial Nighthawk Hunter Helmet, An Insurmountable Skullfort Titan Helmet, and the Crown of Tempests.

As usual, Xur will only be in the game for a limited time and there are now no ways to keep him trapped in old instances. That means you will want to check out his latest wares before he disappears during the next weekly reset, scheduled to occur on July 12.

While we can have a good guess that there will be different versions of the Hawkmoon, and The Dead Man’s Tale featured this week, there are hopes that the normal lineup of exotics will be upgraded via the upcoming midseason Weapons update. There is a chance that the current roster could be tweaked, however, Bungie is mostly focused on rebalancing certain weapons that are proving very popular, and how effective they are in PvP.

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