Would you host a Ukrainian refugee?

With the invasion of Ukraine still causing havoc to people’s lives and more than 10 million fleeing the country, we want to hear your thoughts on whether you would host a Ukrainian refugee.

The government offers a ‘Homes for Ukraine’ service which allows any UK resident who can offer accommodation for at least six months to sponsor and offer their home to refugees.

When initially launched, the scheme saw more than 130,000 people register interest in less than 24 hours.

Let us know your thoughts in our comments section.

Despite plenty of interest in the scheme, there have been some complaints over how slowly things have been moving. Earlier this month, a Manchester builder urged the government to ‘pull their fingers out’ in speeding up the visa application. process.

When we asked readers on Facebook about taking in a refugee, some responded positively with one saying: “Absolutely!!!! If you were fleeing from War, you would want a non judgemental, safe place to stay.”

Another added: “Yes as we would hope that if we were in this situation we would be offered the same kindness.”

However, some also shared concerns, with one person responding: “So many people will say yes because they want to do something good but most won’t grasp the reality of what they are committing to. Someone in their home who has complex trauma and no worldly belongings.”

Would you be willing to take in a Ukrainian refugee? Let us know in our comments section.

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