Yu-Gi-Oh author Kazuki Takahashi found dead off Japanese coast, aged 60

Yu-Gi-Oh manga author Kazuki Takahashi has reportedly been found dead aged 60-years-old off the Japanese coast in snorkelling gear.

Last year, the manga world was shaken by the sudden passing of Berserk author Kentaro Miura.

Sadly, those feelings of a tragic loss are spreading to the worldwide manga community once again this morning, following horrific news of the death of Kazuki Takahashi, the author of Yu-Gi-Oh.

News on Kazuki Takahashi’s passing is still being released by Japanese sources, as fans continue to share emotional messages to the legendary mangaka.

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Kazuki Takahashi was found dead aged 60

On Thursday, July 6th, NHK reported that a man had been “found floating offshore of Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture at around 10:30 am.”

The man was reportedly found “floating in shallow waters” whilst “wearing snorkelling equipment”, who the Nago Coast Guard Station later confirmed was Kazuki Takahashi, the Yu-Gi-Oh mangaka.

“The coast guard station and police are investigating the circumstances leading up to his death.” – NHK Statement.

Takahashi was aged 60 years old at the time of his passing.

“A person on a passing boat had called Japan’s maritime hotline to report an apparent body, floating 300 meters (about 1,000 feet) from the coast off the resort city of Nago, at about 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday.” – Anime News Network.

Fans share heartfelt tributes to Kazuki Takahashi following death

Almost immediately after the news of Takahashi’s death was released, fans around the world started to share their heartfelt tributes to the late manga author.

User ‘House_of_Champs’ wrote, “I can honestly say I probably wouldn’t be here without your work and the card game it spawned, and it had a reaching impact that will last forever. Your passion shined. You will be missed.”

“Rest in Peace, Kazuki Takahashi-sensei. Your manga has always and will always continue to inspire us for generations to come. We will take the messages you imparted onto the world through your art and live with them until we see you again.” – TakahashiArtYHO, via Twitter.

“Yu-Gi-Oh was such a massive part of my childhood. From Manga I’d read in elementary, anime I’d watch in the mornings & to this day I have my old cards in my drawer. Thank you for bringing this series to life & I hope you know the Legacy you left,” said user ‘OnTheDownLoTho’.

“Kazuki Takahashi passed away today. yugioh was one of my gateways to anime and manga so this hits completely different. I’m really shocked, literally almost every 1995s-2005s childhood hero.” – User leeeebio, via Twitter.

User ‘XenoGokuMugGoat’, said “I ain’t gonna pretend that I was some massive Yu-Gi-Oh fan but I always respected his work and Yu-Gi-Oh series was one of the defining parts in my pre-teens. May Takahashi Rest In Peace, he now lives in a better world.”

“RIP Kazuki Takahashi. Thank you for giving me the greatest childhood ever and something that I STILL play today :(“ – User ‘Rhymestyle’, via Twitter

User ‘ElHermanopls’ added, “Rest in peace you monster of an artist, creator of one of the most iconic anime of all time and easily one of my all time favorites.. Rest easy Kazuki Takahashi.”  

“Kazuki Takahashi one of the greatest to ever do it. Creating Yu-Gi-Oh, one of the most amazing franchises that has gave me endless amounts of fun memories during my life. Rest in Peace” – User ‘swvxy’, via Twitter.

Finally, user ‘Cheesetsunjin28’ arguably put into words their feelings the truest, noting simply “What the f***….Kazuki Takahashi was found dead in Okinawa. Im at a loss for words right now. I guess all I can say is thank you for being one of the reasons I love comics and animation as much as I do….im really f***** up about this…”

Rest in Peace, Takahashi – you will be missed and your work will never be forgotten.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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